Peter Belvin is a native Georgian, originally from Augusta (home of the Masters!) but living most of his life in Atlanta. He spent several years working in the corporate world... founding a company with national scope, but his artistic soul could not be denied. The need to create and capture beauty could no longer be ignored. So he passed the company torch to his business partner and took up photography full time. 

Finally free to document what his eye sees, Peter travels the world looking for images that capture beauty and elicit emotion from the viewer.  His work of natural sites from New Mexico, the Georgia Coast, and West/Central Africa, show his deep emotional ties to nature, while recent trips to Greece, Istanbul and Italy show his love of ancient lands and exotic people and places.

Peter apprenticed under Canon "Explorer of Light" photographer Parish Kohanim ( Peter's work has been on the cover of several books, on exhibit at Mother Dog Studios in Houston Texas and the Hamilton Gallery in Santa Monica California.  It will also be showcased in 2016 at “Imaging USA” held in his hometown of Atlanta. Corporate clients include Nordstrom’s, Paramount Staffing and Morgan Stanley. Work done for charitable organizations include The Rockdale Foundation, Float Freedom Fund and the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation. Peter also has works held in private collections in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.